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My partner and i had sex as we usually would. On that night we had unprotected sex as usual and extended oral forplay.

When We woke the next morning, we went at it again with the sex and oral forplay. After that- maybe an hour later, i noticed that it seemed like i had a cold sore. I've known i get cold sores but this was in a place I don't usually get or if i have i have not remembered ever getting it there on my bottom lip. It had a tingle and within a few more hours it had me worried. It was so tiny and to me seemed bubbled,but i could just have been paranoid, i squeezed it and clear liquid mixed with blood came out a little...

Could it have been a cracked lip or an ulcer?

I am scared because we performed oral to oneanother, if i was a cold sore, i hadn't noticed it or wasn't aware until later. I don't know if I it developed just after or during the time we had oral.

It seems fine today there is no crusting like my usual coldsores it just seems ulcer like and very very very tiny in size and not painful.

1.Is this a coldsore or and i Just Stressing out??
2. Can u get genital herpes just before the coldsore is blown up and active?
3. Can we get tested for genital herpes beacause of this and when should we do this, is a week too soon to show any result?


Ok so recently i just went to the doctor cuz i had multiple cold soars on my lip,also known as fever blisters, I have never heard of anyone calling it an ulcer though.
well anyways, I was told by the doctor it is a form of harpies, and it is very contagious, I have to take antibiotics to get them to leave and that they will prolly come back when i am catching a cold of some sort. We are only contagious while we have em, and when we are having them come, you can tell by prolly swallow glands in the throat, or a tingling feeling on ur lip which you proabably feel right when you got it....

You do however want to restrain from touch the infection/outbreak. because if you touch it and touch another part of your body it can very easily spread to other areas of your body, kinda like poison ivy. I dont see all ths too be a big deal...but it does suck...

This is very likely and almost always a forever my understanding anyway.

You should probably go to the doctor for medical treatment if you would like to keep from getting them or get rid of them properly


yup. this girl already knows

There is really no such thing as a ''fever blister'' or ''cold sore''. You have Herpes [HSV] type 1. How it got the ''slang phrase'' cold sore and fever blister is because most oral herpes is triggered to outbreak by having a COLD, or FEVER while being sick.

There is no reason to be all upset now though, over 45 - 52 million americans have herpes. only 10% are aware. It is not curable but livable, managable and treatable.

But ... when you have one of your outbreaks. do not perform oral sex or your partner. You having oral herpes and performing oral sex can and very likely will cause your partner to catch the virus which is now genital herpes [hsv type 2] for them because you transfered your oral herpes genitally. As a matter of fact, considering 80% of herpes infected persons have no signs or symptoms. You may or may not have passed herpes onto your partner already. He/she should go to the doctor and have a blood test taken to see if there are any antibodies for the virus present, meaning he/she is infected. If your partner is not infected, there are ''anti sti/std precautions'' you can take. There are condom like things available for oral sex. I learned about it actually in my CRN class, it looks like a 5''7 sheet of paper but rubber like and much thinner then paper so your partner will feel every little thing like nothing is covering him/her. u can lay it over a vaginal area or wrap it around a penis and they are protected.

One last thing for you to know, you said you squeezed your ''cold sore''. NEVER, ever, eeeeeever do that. You opened up your infected area to possibly spread a wider area of infection. Always wash your hands when you are having an outbreak, try to keep your sores dry because the longer its dry and scabs up is the quicker it heals. Never touch one of your sores and then any other area [your eyes and/or genital area] because even though it is hard to reinfect yourself, you still can.


Some of the information posted on this thread has been very helpful, although I did see a couple errors. I know that a cold sore is caused by HSV 1, and you can give that to someone on their genitalia as well, so it is possible to infect your partner. Conversely, you can get HSV 2 orally instead of genitally. Definitely, in the future, if you have a cold sore please don't squeeze it out! And bear in mind that you can always take something preventative to reduce the time it pops out. There's some really good stuff that you can get over the counter. I wish you luck!


I don't think that the new pimple would have appeared so quickly if it was contracted from the other person. However, if you get cold sores, this was quite possibly a new one. Yes, you would be contagious before the pimple appeared, if it is genital herpes. Please be very careful. You should inform your partner of your suspicions and your condition, immediately, if you have not already. If he has not been previously infected with genital herpes he should be tested. Ask the testing facility how long he should wait. You should do the same, with the same waiting period. Good luck! I hope that things turn out well for you.


You need to be tested ( a sample of the pus from your sore) to see if the sore is bacterial or viral.
Viral indicates Herpes 1 virus. Bacterial indicates a pimple like you could get anywhere on your face. The only way to know for sure is to have the culture ran.
If your medical doctor cannot perform the test a dermatologist will.