About a week and a half ago, I got some cold sores in my mouth, which I get fairly often and I contribute them to stress. I had mono last year so my immune system is pretty much shot.

On top of the mouth sores, I have an ear infection so I'm on decongestant and the antibiotic Augmentin. So far, the sores are ONLY in my mouth (3 of them)

Last night, my boyfriend and I had sex and not 5 minutes after we finished, he had all these bumps all over his lower chest, stomach, penis, testicles, inner thigh, etc. We were both freaking out. They didn't itch or burn, and looked like hives or flat mosquito bites. I did not perform oral sex, not was there even any kissing. I spoke to him this morning and he says they're gone now. Before he came over to my house though, he had a bunch of little pimple-like bumps on his back and upper chest. He had these prior to us having sex

Did I cause the outbreak after sex??? Did I give him oral herpes some way??Maybe I have genital sores and just don't know it yet. Or, maybe he's having a reaction to something else and during intercourse it just flared up?

Should I contact my doctor to confirm I have oral herpes?

Thanks for any advice - I'm about 2 seconds away from an anxiety attack