My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year.

What I don't understand is why he doesn't tell me why he's upset whenever we are fighting. I'm not a mind reader! He just acts sarcastic, says "Oh, you don't know what you did wrong?" laughs and walks away. I end up telling him calmly and rationaly that him doing that doesn't help the situation, and by staying away from me, hes only hurting me. If he tells me what I did wrong, at least while he's in his shell, I can think about things too.

We've fought before, but he would still call at least once a day just to make sure im alive. Its been 2 days and I haven't heard from him.

The fight? Really stupid, but please don't tell me "don't change for him" or "he's trying to control you". This isn't the case because he can't control me, and im not calling him 209834 times a day.

He doesn't like that I smoke. We've had a good discussion about this before, I said I would do it less and not around him or when I know i'lls see him, and he clarified that he just wants me to care for my health too. If I smoke, and he smells it on me, I don't lie, I say yes, i had a smoke today.

2 days ago I was at a friends house, and he decided to drop by and surprise me. When he went to hug me, he smelt the smoke, and got upset. He stayed for maybe 5 minutes, then left with "I'll call you later".

I called him and tried asking him whats wrong. He said nothing. I asked if it was the smoking, and he said "oh its your choice, do whatever you like, im not going to control you" and thats it!! He's never gotten so angry the previous few times, why now? Is he upset cuz he feels I don't care for his opinion and do what I want anyways?

He called once after, to make sure I was alive. It was a blunt conversation. He said I sounded drunk (I wasn't) and sarcastically made a remark saying "I wouldn't be surprised if you were anyways".

I start telling him about my day, and he tells me he doesn't have to know, I dont have to tell him. So I say okay, sure. There's a LOOOOOOOOOONG pause and he says okay im gonna let you go, ill talk to you tmro. After that, nothing. He even changed his facebook status to "No longer listed in a relationship". It doesn't say single, he just removed the status.

I know it sounds stupid, but GUYS I need your reassurance. Is this just a plot to push my buttons and see how far he can go? Or does he really want it over with and does it indirectly cuz he cant face me? (We've broken up before, he can't do it to my face he always comes back)

I will leave him if he doesn't accept the fact that I won't change for anyone. I will compromise, but this is no method to do it!

I just need to know if I should give him more time to think about things, or call him and ask him if its over or not. Should I let him linger a little more to think about things? Giving him more time to think would benefit us both, right?

Is the whole status thing just to get my attention cuz he can't fess up? Or will he call me when hes ready? With our previous fights, im usually the one who brings it up to talk about it, he never initiates. Should I initiate again? Or leave it to him this time?