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I am a 45YO male, in good health. Married 10 years and monogamous.

I visited this new doc (a dermitologist) last week to have about 11 sking tags removed. I have had about 10 of these under my arms, sholder/neck area for many years and got tired of them. (my wife actually had one and we went together to get these removed)

I ALSO have had an identical looking thing on the shaft of my penis for about 2.5 years. Only one, looks exactly like other skin tags, never any pain, never itched, etc. Just obvioulsy does not look very good.

Although I was very embarrassed about it with doc, I asked him to take this off too. He immediately said: "It's a genital wart". I was kind of freaked out. I asked if it could be another skin tag b/c it looked just like all the others. He said "possibly" but we should have it tested.

He called back yesterday and said I was positive for genital warts.

Now I am really confused because I am reading that there are really no good tests to test for this. He said he sent in the removed skin for biopsy. So my question: Just what specifically would a lab do to test this piece of skin? Secondly, is such a test reliable? (he has not returned my call yet on this)

In the mean time my wife has made an appointment to be re-screened (pap smear I guess?) but has always had normal gynocologist check-ups in the past. We are both concerned / worried.

Thank you. Any information greatly appreciated.


HPV is a very broad std. There are strains of it that couples could have there wholes lives and never know it. It is possible that these are genital wats, doing a biopsy and sending the skin to a lab will tell what it is, i would trust the results. Secondly, I know your freeked out but hpv can be much more seious for a women. DONT JUMP 2 CONCLUSIONS! untill you figure everything out with the Dr. and what not. You can look online for pictues of genital wats and hpv to see if any of them look antyhing like yours. Best of luck and feel free to post. again


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