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Hello, more than 2 months ago I started to feel dizzy like not extreme to the point of vertigo but this feeling made me also nausea especially when driving. I went to the doctors with this who thought it was a flu and did blood tests. After a week nothing changed except my stomach felt better but had the same dizziness and I started to get headaches and also a weird clicking sound in my head just behind my left ear. Of course I freaked out and went back to the doctor who didn't have any idea until I demanded a ct scan. I got the results the same day and turned out i had a sinus infection which I never heard about. I was so happy that after weeks I found out what it was even though unexpected because I did not have any congestion at all? Anyway after about 4 courses of antibiotics over a month nothing changed. a few weeks ago I developed mild ear pain in both ears which is not constant as well as ear pressure and fullness at some times. Also when I close my mouth and nose and breathe out it feels like wet air coming out my ears? Sometimes they r even blocked and produce fast clicking sounds? My doctor said my ears look fine the other says my ear drum looks it's pushed in or out? Can this all still relate to a sinus infection for so long? This dizziness is just making my life really hard :-(


hi,,I was also diagnosed as sinus infection which infected my ears, causing fluid in both ears, and i have the lightheadedness/imbalance coming to 2 months now too.i also dun have real congestion like other sinus sufferers, no runny nose, no headaches, except rarely, some mild mild straining pains on the head (anywhere),, but it 's brief like few secs, or if i turn another side, the pain will be gone, so i think may be muscular pull.and also i have heavy head feeling,, feels some parts of my head heavy, like back right side, or left side or on top of head.i used to have some pressure on my bridge of nose, but no longer,, and i used to have some "numbness" or heaviness on my face/jaw,, but it's kinda gone now.heavy head is getting less too.i 've taken 2 courses of azithromycin,, and YET, my lightheadedness still persist,, it's not very obvious but i can feel it's still there.sometimes feel like im not v steady when i walk.My mucus is v scant, n just bcos it was green, and my inner nose was red, the doc diagnosed me as sinus infection.So, how's it going with you now? are you well now??