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Well, my doctor says that i suffer from sinus' like both my parents do, but they are also prone to other illness'. i know my symptoms relate to sinuses but i think that some things could be worse. recently i suffered from german measeles and i have had chicken pox 3 times (born with it, had it when i was 6 and when i was 12 and was scared the german measeles was it again but they came up a bit different and left in 3 days). but i have been basically talking through my nose in the last year because its been blocked or half blocked. and in the morning i cough up a lot of yellow/green mucus and cant breathe through my nose at night or the morning. i went on antibiotics to clear some polups up my nose (that felt better) but then its gone straight back to normal and naisle sprays dont work. do i have a weak emmune system or something because i have all that and get ill a lot (but i have got used to it so it doesnt bother me) but im constanly tired no matter how much or little sleep i get and started feeling dizzy randomly for the past 2 months. ? :/


Hi this is a really old post but wanted to let you know i have dizzyness stuffy nose and headaches and sore throats all the time all day everyday for the past 5 months. you are not alone and i hope you start feeling better im still going to docters just dont give up until they have the right answer for you! 



god bless,