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Hello, I hope someone can help me out here. First off I'm a 27 Year old Male living in South Florida. Before all this started I hadn't even had a common cold in over 4 years, and never got sick for a very long time.

It all started About 2 years ago when I first started noticing a very mild pain in my right ear and then had a clicking sound (sounded like a clock ticking) in that same ear off and on for several months. Eventually this ear issue went away. Then about a month or two later back in December of 2007 I got tonsillitis. I was given Amoxicillan and got better within a few days. However again in January, February, and March I got the same exact case of tonsillitis almost exactly 1 month apart. I was given z-pack for 5 days, and Amoxicillan twice more for 10 days each. Also every time about 2 weeks before I get sick I get a lot of post nasal drip in my throat where I have to clear my throat constantly (especially after eating and waking up). Then usually about a week before getting sick I would get a very mild dry cough coming from my throat.

I decided to see an ENT at the end of March after my sore throat went away. He told me that we should try a different antibiotic and then I may need my tonsils removed if it keeps happening. He gave me 14 days of Ciproflaxin. I had thought this cured me as I didn't get sick again all through the end of March, April, May and June. I had previously been sick almost exactly every 30 days.

However when July came around, I had the exact same case of Tonsillitis again (Swollen tonsils, fever, chills, fatigue and body aches) that I had in Dec, Jan, Feb and March. I was given Factive 5 at a clinic I went to since I was out of town and couldn't see the ENT.

Then in the End of August (about 53 days later) I again got a case of Tonsillitis. Must note that my brother who I live with also was sick with a sore throat at the time. I wasn't feeling as bad as I normally do, so I didn't go to the doctor and was better in 2 day.

Then in September of 2008, The cough that I normally get before getting Tonsillitis came on, and the next day I had a terrible sore throat. This time however my tonsils were perfectly fine, but the sore throat was deeper in my throat past the tonsils. I decided to go to another ENT as I really didn't like the previous one. This ENT used a scope that he put in my nose to look at the back of my nose and throat. He said I had a sinus infection, and gave me 10 days of Ciproflaxin.

Then about 21 days later I had another appointment with this ENT. I still had not completely recovered. I still had my cough and my throat hurt a litle bit. The ENT gave me 18 days of Avelox.

Then aboutt 17 days later I had another follow up appointment and I was finally feeling better. However that night after my appointment, I went home and started feeling lousy. I woke up the next morning with tonsillitis again. I went back to this ENT and saw his assistant who told me I should get my tonsils removed. I saw the doctor for only about 1 minute and he said I should as well (after overhearing his assistant urging him to have me have them out even though he didn't seem that sure). He gave me Clindamycin for 10 days (3 times daily), which I never took and got better on my own. That night I noticed that I had a lot of yellow discharge in my nose, and my upper teeth ached a little. My tonsillitis got better in about 3 days

About 7 days later however I got a really bad sore throat again but it was not in my tonsils. My tonsils were looking perfectly fine. I also did not have a fever like I get whenever I get Tonsillitis, but the pain was even worse. I finally felt better 5 days later.

Then 10 days later I got a bad case of Tonsillitis once again. After about 5 days I was better.

However I went away on Vacation to New Jersey about 5 days after getting better. I was fine for a few days and then I developed a stuffy nose, and dry cough. I thought it may be because of the cold air since I now live in Florida, and it was in the 20's in Jersey. The dry cough lasted about five days, and toward the end when it started going away I coughed up a big chunk of yellow mucus. Also my nasal mucus was yellow at the time. My stuffy/runny nose is still stuffy, that hasn't gotten any better (it's been about 1 month now with the stuffy nose).

I also just had another case of Tonsillitis, and remain having this stuffy nose. I went to the ENT 2 days ago and he gave me Clindamycin, and told me to have Allergy tests on January 16th. He said it seems as though your tonsils are innocent bystanders and said I probably shouldn't get them out (after telling me I should previously). My throat is almost all better now but I still have a terrible dry cough and very stuffy/runny nose.

I really feel like there is no solution to this. What can be done? Is there even a way the doctor can determine if it's my tonsils that are the culprit or if it is something else like a sinus infection? What if the Allergy tests come back negative and he sends me for a CT scan of the sinuses. Even if I have a sinus infection, what came first? The Tonsillitis or the Sinus Infection? If you get rid of one, would it cure the other? Which one do you perform surgery for? I'm just feeling really helpless here. Is it even possible that all this illness is caused by a simple allergy? I have the worse insurance ever. They only cover 2 Doctors appointments per quarter and I have a $5000 deductible on surgery and $1000 deductible on tests. I'm starting to feel like there isn't a solution.

I also must note that I went for a physical back in June of 2008 and had bloodwork done. Everything was within range. Also about 2 years ago, my twin brother who I live with had the same problem where he had the same post nasal drip, and dry cough and then tonsillitis every month for 4 straight months. His ended up clearing up though with amoxicillan and never coming back again.


Same things was happening to my son had him antibiotic after antibiotic , steriods and nasal sprays for a couple years. Def need to have a CT scan of the sinus's but also have they mentioned doing a test to check for cystic fibrosis ? I know money and insurance is a big factor but only since we have been thru the same thing it seems like they would test all this at the beginning. Also have they done a swab test of your nasal mucus to see what type of bacteria they are dealing with versus just trying different types of antibiotics because some work on certain infections and not others. My son ended up having a turbinate reduction surgery first no results. We should have started with having tonsils and adnoids removed after we had both tonsils and adnoids removed almost 2 yrs ago he has not has any problems since. He has so much infection they had to also go into the sinus cavities behind the cheek bones and forehead to suction out the infection because pressure was so bad and all was being contributed from tonsils and adnoids. (Also he kept strep throat and swollen tonsils)

I hope this helps if  your still having the problems!!!