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Hi I am a licensed child care provider and I have a child who was diagnosed with Viral Pnemonia today. Should I be concerned that my 7mo. old child has a weeze and a almost 2 yr. old has avey bad cough? Also my 8 yr. old was sent home from school today with a low grade fever, she also has a cough, runny nose, head ache and a mild rasp. The 2yr. old is on her way to the clinic to find out if she has it too.


The symptoms of the children sound very much like viral pneumonia. The symptoms are low-grade fever, coughing up mucus, tiredness and headaches. However, it's not as severe as bacterial pneumonia and children usually do all right with them.

Here are some treatment options:
Green papaya extract
Digestive enzymes suitable for children
Raw ginger boiled in water (tea)
Cat's claw
Homeopathic remedies