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two day ago I leaned over a granite counter 42inches high to reach for something on the far side. I was leaning on the area where the floating ribs are joined by cartrilage--six inches to the right of sternum. I felt a sudden pain, not severe. Now I have pain when I cough or take a deep breath.
If the rib is cracked, I suspect there is nothing to do except rest and maybe a little ice. Should I be more concerned? How long should the pain last?

I am a 64 year old white male in good general health. Last year (september) i had surgery on lower and middle spine (laminectomy and fusion).


You are correct. Cracked ribs usually heal by themselves. It can take months for the pain to subside. The healing takes longer if you have osteoporosis. The fact that you have had spinal surgery suggests that your bones may not be as healthy as they should be. Have your bone density tested if you have not already done so.