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%-) my husband and i were recently involved in a head on collision. i suffered from a broken collar bone , 3 broken ribs and a cracked sternum.
i understand that all of these injuries have to heal on their own and that it just takes time. my body feels out of alignment and my sternum area feels a lot of pressure. the dr isn't just feels really wierd.


It feels really weird because according to those things you wrote, you probably have cracked sternum. That is why you feel that type of pain. Unfortunately, you need to be extremely patient about this because it is true that sometimes those injuries needs to heal on their own.

It can be really annoying, it is going to bother you in your life but you need to know that you can't do much about that and that this pain won't go away after a couple of days.

The only thing that you can in order to minimize this pain is to seek for some painkillers. They will "kill" strong pain. 

I hope my words can give you some consolation...