I got hit in the lower front ribs pretty hard playing basketball, at the time it didn't hurt that much but as the day went on it got pretty stiff and painful. It is sore to the touch but not excruciating, also, when I take deep breaths, it is stiff more than sore, but what is wierd is that it seems to be radiating from where the rib meets my spine. Is this a sprain?

It feels as though the rib is loose, not broken. My back will occasionally crack (normal back crack) when i bend over or take a deep breath.

To be honest, I feel that the pain is not severe enough for the rib to be fully broken, as people I talk to who have had broken ribs talk of excruciating pain for over a week. However, i concede that It may be cracked. I have been following asic treatment of ice pain killers and inactivity, but it is only about 30% better (the injury is a week old).

I spoke with my mother in law, an NP, who told me to do nothing for two weeks (man that sucks) but i will try, becaus etehre is no real treatment.

The only thing that concerns me is the back pain where the rib meets the spine. I sthis common or could there be a dislocation?