I don't usually believe in coincidence but this has happed 3 times now and I still find it hard to accept a cause/effect relationship.  Three times over the last 4 years I have started drinking Elations because it is supposed to be good for my joints.  The first time was in 2007 and about 1 to 2 weeks later my knee(s) started hurting me.  I thought... surely not... but I stopped drinking it and after a few days/weeks the pain went away.  I forgot about it and again thought I would start drinking elations around 2009 and the same thing happened.  Again I thought "surely not" but it felt really sharp as if it was some kind of spur.  I don't really know what a "spur" is but is sounded right.  Again, I stopped drinking Elations after about 2 weeks.  Last month I again bought Elations and drank all 6 then I bought the generic kind and drank 6 and when I opened the 3rd pack a sharp pain started in my right knee.  I threw out the remainder of the bottles.   Is this even possible?