Whenever I pee, the head of my penis feels like it s slightly burning and the insides of my scrotum feels like something's wrong or burning as well. This is tolerable but what hurts is the feeling after peeing. The burning sensation intensifies and I have to pee again in small amounts. This lasts maybe 5-10 minutes. This is when it becomes highly uncomfortable and I can't stand it. Also whenever I start to feel that I have to pee, my balls and penis start to hurt.

I started to feel this about 2 weeks ago. I don't know if it was because I started drinking apple cider vinegar daily. I felt it a few days after I drank acv with honey. I thought the burning sensation in my penis' head and weird feeling inside my scrotum would end if I stopped drinking the acv but it still continued even after 1 week of stopping. The weird feeling in my scrotum was i think in the nerves inside? when I apply pressure near the nerves, it feels better. 


I also noticed that whenever I drink anything(ex. coffee, milo, fruity juices, milk tea, shakes)  but water, I start feeling the sensation again. But when I drink just, my urination is normal. ??? 

Is it UTI?? Kidney stones? Should I stick to water forever?