I am trying to find a way to live with my husband. We are in our early sixties and have been married 30 years.  He is an alcoholic who stopped drinking for 20 years, then five years ago he started drinkiing (beer) again.  Our marriage nearly broke up when I found out (by finding them, putting them back, and keeping count of them along with his daily beers for a month) that he had a 10/325 mg hydrocodone prescription for 150 a month five times daily.  One day I found he had drank 14 beers with 11 pills in one day.  He never got drunk, only really energetic and happy acting.  Over animated and hyper.  Like he was speeding.  I don't do drugs or drink or smoke and I did not understand what was happening so i went to a counselor. He told me my husband would be dead inside of 2 years when his liver gave out and I should get my affairs in order.  I pulled over on my way home and sobbed.  When i got home my husband was home early from work and was sitting there drinking a beer.  He saw my purple face and pressed me what was wrong.  I blurted out I knew about his pills, that I had been counting how many he took each day with his beers, that the doctor had said he would be dead in two years, and I stood there sobbing uncontrollably.  His face went white...i think i scared him.  The very next day he found a doctor on his own and got a pain pill contract for his bum knee and quit drinking.  I knew in my heart of hearts that all he did was trade the beer high for the vicodin high.  But on his own...when he got each prescription he came home and handed me the bottle and i doled out his vicodin five times a day on time. For a year things have been fine.  He says its for pain in his knee but it keeps his mood better so i keep mum.   But now...things have changed.  He retired six months ago and got a medical marijuana license.  I expected and worried after retirement he would return to drinking...he is unbearable to live with when he drinks.  Very nasty mood.  With the vicodin he has a much better mood.  He wanted the medical marijuana for his "knee" but does admit since he doesn't drink there is nothing wrong with getting high.  Here is the problem.... he smokes it in the garage so i don't know how much but i suspect a lot.  He is back to acting like he did when he drank with the hydrocodone.  He acts very hyper, cutting off my sentences, fidgeting and doing c**p he doesnt usually do such as housework (MY housework, at 10 at night), very short attention span, very forgetful, driving a bit erratic on the road though he does not stagger with walking or slur his words or anything.  I know he is not drinking.  Is this the effect of the THC with the vicodin?  I can not bring up the subject he just starts making fun of me.  He acts a bit like he is getting dementia but i don't think he is because it just started when he began the pot.  I spend much of my time babysitting him...well, i call it that.  I have to go back over everything he does to double check it.  Did he leave the gate open?  Did he choke the fire? Did he do this, did he do that etc.  He also seems to have just a small amount of restless leg going on.  One other thing...he takes a daily shower and does not have body odor.  But his HAIR smells sweaty all the time...to the point where if you walk by him you smell it.  But he does not have body sweats.  CAn anyone help me to understand. What is happening?