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Hi there.

Please help I dont know what to do!! I am 10 weeks pregnant and not enjoying it at all! I thought I would be happy and enjoy my pregnancy but I aint. I don't have a job looking for one but to stressed! I mostly sit in the house most of the time and dont do anything but watch boring day time tv and go a walk. I feel like I want my old life back going to work, drinking at the weekend and having a laugh with my friends. Now I sit and watch my partner drink with his friends and I find it hard as I feel left out with them all drinking laughing away and when I talk no one listens a feel alone! I would love to have a job and have money coming in to support my baby when arrives but finding it hard to get one as I can only work temp for 6 months which is hard to find. My partner likes his weekends drinking and smoking and when I want to spend time out at the cinemas etc no money only for alcohol! My partner went in a mood with me because I bought a bottle of wkd which I wasnt intending to drink but poured a glass and hardly touch it dont want to harm baby but I feel bored and down:( ! Me and my partner argue all the time it gets worse as days go by. He likes to wind me up! He comments about other girls she is fit a wee cutie and all that. I feel down by this because my tummy will get bigger and he wont be attracted to me:( . I am also missing my 21st which I dont mind.My partner is celebrating his but I am not allowed to go (why is it they think ahh shes pregnant she cant go out and have a good time out on the town pregnant)? I'm also scared he will cheat on me as he has already cheated when I was under the same roof with one of my old friends. My morning sickness is bad most times I dont eat alot lost my appeptite and my partners mum is always on my back to eat and I nibble now and again. My partners mum also had a still born 20 yrs ago. I bought baby bottles and clothes for hospital for baby and I was told not to buy the clothes pram etc because it reminds her of when she done that for her stillborn. I do feel sympathy for her but she had two boys after it and has a happy life.Why cant I experience being happy and be excited i am pregnant and I cant:( I dont know what to do I am confused alone and depressed


Big hugs to you!

With the hormones and impending huge life changes and all that, pregnancy is stressful for everyone at times. Relationship problems while being pregnant are also pretty common, again because both partners are turning their lives upside down. It sounds like your stress levels are absolutely through the roof, mind you, and it actually sounds like you could have prenatal depression. If you hadn't heard of that, clinically, it's an actual thing you can be diagnosed with.

It sounds like you're in the UK. Could you talk to your GP about this? They've seen this before and can help you, even though it must be scary to just think about that. 

Best of luck to you!!!