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hello, my urethra is irritating me and constantly itching. i need to urinate more often and when i do it is really painful, i also feel like i need to urinate again straight away (the pain is worse as the urinating stops) there is no burning or inflammation just this coonstant itching. i also had sex about 2 days before this started. i'm really not sure what it could be.


Hi there,

When your urethra itches people usually think that this might be caused by some sexually transmitted disease. Now having in mind that you had sex few days before this happened this might be caused by some sort of sexually transmitted disease. Now you can’t be sure about this until you test your self at the hospital. There is also a chance that you might have urinary tract infection. Do you have any pain before you urinate? The good this is that antibiotics can help you treat urinary tract infection. Sometimes our body is strong enough to fight this infection on its own. However if this is persistent you should see a doctor and run some test of your urine.