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A few days ago in the morning my hands randomly broke out into itchy red spots. Theres no order, they vary from a couple mm wide up to a half inch. on both sides, both hands, and fingers. they get redder with scratching, and some get whiter in the middle. some raise up a little too.

on the backs, they are more clearly defined, and on the palms they are more flat and theres even some large areas that arent even circles.

it seems to come and go with itching attacks a few times a day, but the bumps are always faintly there.

there has been a cut on one hand for a while, and its almost healed, but around it is inflamed as well like a red itchy outline.

now, its on my ears too. and it itches like crazy! luckily it hasnt spread anywhere else but im worried it might.

Additional Background:

i was already on daily zyrtec for dermographism, but i switched now to the stronger claritin D.
ive been applied cortaid cream on the areas multiple times daily
havnt switched detergents or soaps or anything like that.
did a bunch of research and nothing seems to quite fit
i havnt been sick at all, no headaches, no pain, except one dizzy spell the same morning i got the rash
i also sometimes get very minor psoriasas outbreaks
not allergic to anything that i know of, except ragweed

i live in wisconsin, could cold weather have a part in it? i used to break out in smaller itchy hives all over when i came in from out in the cold, but the doc said that was a part of the dermographism and i havnt gotten that since ive been on the zyrtec.

a couple weeks ago i had painful blister like things on one foot, they did some blood tests, determined it wasnt meningitis or a platelet disorder, and i was put on a steroid. the pain has gone away but the one large blister thing on my heel remains. i stopped taking the steroids (prednazone) 5 days before the outbreak.

i just wasnt quite getting answers on other threads. any ideas??? hoping i dont have to name a new disorder after myself...


For this kind of infection you should use home remedies to get better result because later on it will be spreading all over the body...........