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Hi all,

I woke up last week with what look like splatter-painted hands and feet. There are a few more isolated little blotches on my back, lower legs and arms. They tingle lightly on occasion but most of the time I don't notice them. Also, I have got pretty bad, itchy dandruff all of a sudden.

I had been on antibiotics almost two weeks previously to cure a bout of tonsilitis picked up in India. Also, I had given up meat from my diet (for Lent on post-Indian health buzz.) I was sufficiently concerned about the onset of rash that I went back on the meat. It's been about five days now with little improvement. In fact, my feet have got worse.

I don't notice any other symptoms. I'm a fit 26 year-old guy and am lucky to have been healthy for over ten years now so would be surprised if it was a fundamental problem. But because I'm so unfamiliar with the symptoms I'm worried about what it could be down to. I'd be delighted if anyone had any ideas? If it gets worse I'll go visit the doc.

Much obliged,
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I have the exact same thing- even itchy head- spots bleed readily when scratched.

Did you end up finding something that worked?



Hi, sorry to hear about your problem,
I ended up getting sufficiently concerned that I forked out fora doctor. He took a urine test which showed nothing and his best suggestion was that it may have been a reaction to the antibiotics I took in India (which I suspected anyway from internet diagnosis and common sense) He didn't have a name for the condition and he told me to get a blood test (which would have cost extra).

He gave me a '1% Betnovate RD Ointment', which was like some heavy duty vaseline, to smother on the affected areas every mornng and night. I used that to see if it worked before paying for other treatments.

Also I started eating meat again, used Niazoral shampoo and after about five to six weeks it had fully disappeared. I stopped using the ointment though after less than two weeks as I was very sceptical that it was working and it was uncomfortable.

The rash hasn't come back since.

So, in sum, I suspect my rash was a reaction to a cheap foreign medicine, coupled with an overstretched immune system. The only thing the doctor did for me was put my mind at ease somewhat.

Though I never experienced any bleeding, which could be significant.

I hope this helps somewhat and that you are back to full health soon...


I am 69 and female so you know who you are hearing from at the start. I have been using Chinese herbs for some time and thought the blotchy tingling red areas on the palms of my hands and some other places on my body may have appeared because of the herbs but after going off the herbs for almost 2 weeks, they continued to be there. I have been getting acupuncture treatments for Sarcoidosis (a lung disease) which may be helping this condition remain. I only have the symptoms you describe in the morning for a bit. Do you have the itchy tingling continually throughout the day? It is not enough of a problem for me to worry about but it is concerning at times. My head itches like I have dandruff as well. It only itches occasionally but it really itches at that time! I pray that we both get the relief we seek. It may be some type of allergy that we have developed. I have had allergy testing done recently and I am highly allergic to most trees and grasses. I plan to start allergy shots soon. I hope something I shared here may be of help to you.


I am female, 30 yrs old and for about the past month or so i have started noticing something similar! I keep getting what appears as a flat blotchy rash on the back of both of my hands. Like yourself, i am not overly concerned but does lead me to wondering what it may be. :/