I am 17 and had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, but no signs of having anything showed up. 3 months later (just a few days ago) the area above my vagina started to become kind of itchy, and I have these faint little red spots in some places. I have no trace of any red spot or itch anywhere near my actual vagina, it's all around the area above my vagina.
I've been on birth control for about 8 months, but the month before last, I missed a few pills (too many to just double up and catch up), so I just stopped and went to start a new pack last month. I started taking them again at the start of my period, but got it for 7 days rather than the 5 I normally have it for. On the 8th day I had the slightest bit of brown spotting, Then I had darker and thicker brown spotting for about a week, and then I got my period, heavier than normal and red again for about 6 days. It's been about a week and a half since then and now have itching and redness.
If anyone has any ideas as to what might be happening, or has had something similar happen to someone they know or themselves, people inform me, I would greatly appreciate it.