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I'm 13, haven't gotten my period yet, and haven't had sex. For a few weeks my vagina has been really itchy. I looked down there today, and its very red, and swollen. I don't wear underwear sometimes with pajamas. I wear thongs probably once or twice a week. I've only shaved down there once, months ago.

Do i have a yeast infection?
Will vagasil help? 


Any chance you have taken some type of antibiotic lately???Antibiotics of any type can cause a yeast overgrowth(infection) in women.It does sound like yeast and over the counter monistat or any store brand anti-fungal for yeast n women will or should do the trick. Are you open enough with your parents to talk with one of them about this? Maybe to take you to see the doc and he can for sure tell you what is going on, but from what you say, it does sound like a yeast infection..but also, depending on how long ago you shaved..when hair grows itches like crazy!!!...then you get red from scratching,, I hope this was a bit of help to you and hope you feel better soon!!