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So, to start with my history, I've only had two girls that I've had sex with in my life.

The first one which occurred a little over a year ago(2008 to 2008 summer) and this is what made me worry about std/hiv. I met her in class and I guess things went crazy and we ended up having lots of unprotected sex. I cannot remember how many times. I asked her if she had a boyfriend before me and she said only one and they were together for a long time.

My current and girl who I've been with for a while now was a virgin before me. We used condoms except for maybe 4-5 times we didn't use condom. What I'm worried about is my past coming back to haunt me. I have a big OCD on worrying about things too so that doesn't help and I panicked yesterday when I watched a very informational video in Class about STDS/HIV/.

My questions are Is it likely that I could get something even as serious as HIV? If the first girl only had one person before me which they also did not practice safe sex, What would my chances be that I caught something? And I can only get HIV if the first girl caught it from her first boyfriend right?

I don't want to give my girlfriend any STD because I don't want to ruin her life so I decided to go get tested but its not till the end of this month.

Also I'm a very healthy guy and I haven't had any sickness other then a Fever for a couple days during summer but I believe that was due to me being out in the cold with a tee shirt the night before. I had night sweats, fever, very tired for a couple days and this was during the 2009 summer


Yes, your best bet is to go get tested. And to hold off on having sex with ANYONE until you complete that bill of health.

You KNOW the risks, and yet you still have unprotected sex. Now that you've seen the presentation, you KNOW that you need to use protection (and probably condoms?) EVERY time.

You may have been fortunate up until now.

But don't gamble any more. Get checked, get safe.
Good luck!