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hi i am sam.
Friends i need a serious help from you. 2 years before (20/6/2006) i had a protected sex using double condom with sex worker. Only viginal sex. I had protected sex with 6 difference sex worker. My last sex expose was 15/12/2006. Than i got so stressed about hiv. And i studied about hiv i net. And i got hiv test in 01/03/2007 using tridot kit i got negative. Again i tested using sd hiv rapid card i got negative. Next three month later 24/06/2007 i got hiv test using tridot kit and rapid card it came back negative. Again i tested on 18/09/2007 it came negative. But i was not well like i had day and night sweat, stomach problem and tiredness. But no any new sex expose. Again i tested on 25/2/2008 on elisa and rapid kit it came negative. After some day i became much ill like fever , watery stool etc. This was cause by a tablet 3rd generation antiboties, so i had 3 days watery stool. And i used another tablet watery stool was cured. After 3 month 26/5/2008 i tested again for hiv it came negative. But i was fully stressed off. Again i had a doubt about hiv, because i studied hiv antibodies take such time to show positive in person to person. Some take 2 years to show positive. So i was very stressed off. I consulted doctor, he told to go for hiv dna RT-PCR. I sent my blood for PCR test on 20/10/2008. After some day my report came NEGATIVE. I was happy, doctor told me this is the final result. Your are negative for rest of your life. I was very happy. I did not had any new sexual expose part 1.5 year. My test result was negative on hiv. After some days i got cough a lot, i tested for rapid TB KIT my result was positive in IgG. negative in IgM. I consulted doctor about it he said its part infection. Need not to worry. Again i got doubt on hiv. Again i tested for hiv rapid kit it came negative 25/12/2008. After 3 month i re-tested again 15/4/2009 in sd hiv rapid kit my report was negative but my rapid kit was showing a small pink line on T1 area after 25 min. Again i tested i was showing the same pink light line in T1 area. I was shocked. But my doctor said dont read result after 20 min. You have to read result on the spot. I was so stressed i got another test in tridot kit its show me negative. Again a tested using elisa it showed me negative. But i not believed the result. So i given for HIV RNA RT-PCR. It came negative. And i have given for MTB DNA PCR test. It also came negative. So i was so confused about my result. Doctor told me you are negative dont worry. I was still in doubt how can i get a line in hiv T1 area. I tested for Thypoid fever i got positive my value was TO: 1.320 TH: 1.320. So my lab friend told me it may me cross link of thypoid bactaia antibodies. So i was showing a small pink line in hiv kit. Again i went under stress. I have taken tablet for thypoid for a 2 week. After 3 weeks 07/06/2009 i tested for hiv antibodies test both rapid card and tridot it came negative. But also i am so confused about it. Help me. Some people says hiv antibodies takes 2 to 3 years to show positive in antibodies test. I am so confused. Please help me. This is my story.


Hi there. First and foremost, at any point in the future, please do not use two condoms as once. If you do, you actually run a greater risk of having the condoms break due to friction. One condom is enough to be safe. After six months, if you had HIV, you would have tested positive. It sounds to me that you are suffering from hypochondria, because it seems that you are HIV negative. Is there someone you can talk to about this?


Hi again,

Sir i tested again for Hiv Rapid Kit (SD Hiv 1/2 3.0)
1. He taken my blood
2. Then seperated Serum
3. He taken 3 drops of my serum in hiv kit
4. He used 2 drop Buffer assay solution
5. After 5 min My result was clear... Only control was Dark..

6. After 20 Min I saw a Very very Light Weak line on T1.(Hiv 1) My tech. told Its Corss reactive of some antibody. and he told after 15 Min we never read the result. He said your are negative.

7. I was so Confused asked to doc he said Negative. he told to go for ELISA Test.

8. ELISA test Done I got Negative... I got doubt I asked for Western Blot.
9.I done Western Blot I got Negative Again.

10. 1 month Before I tested For TB Rapid Kit, I was Positive in IgG, Negative in IGM.

11. So confused as asked Doc, He told Go for MTB PCR..
12. I got MTB PCR negative...
13. Some one told me if you get TB it related to HIV... be safe
14. So i Did HIV-1 RNA PCR... I got Negative result.

So finally I did Hiv DNA PCR, Hiv RNA PCR, Elisa, Rapid Kit, Tridot, Combiadis method. And TB Rapid Kit, MTB PCR, Spetum Test and Mantoux

EVery Test came Negative, Bur Rapid KiT was Doubtful.... I am So confused.....

Weather I am suffrieng From TB or HIV...........

PLease Help Me sir.. I have a Family... One 11 month KID, Inocent Wife... I want to Protect Them.... I am ready to Die... but want to save my Family.

For that reason I am going under this test.....
I need a Good response... What to do Next.


you might have tb like 0.03%


you do not hiv aids or tb that is verg good plase bote