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Okay so about 4 months ago I had unprotected vaginal and oral sex with a girl that I know. Safe to say, I was pretty drunk and woke up the next morning and immediately started to freak out. However, nothing really appeared so for a while my anxiety went away. Then after about a month, i started getting back pains and a frequent need to urinate. Now this really freaked me out and I went to the doctor twice to get checked out for it. They did two urinalysis's and both came back negative for gonnerhea and chalymidia, but i took medication any ways so if it was either that would be gone.

So about a month after that, the back pains continued slightly but not as much as it used to be. This still had me freaked out and when i started reading up on Herpes and mostly HIV symptoms, i really started to freak out (yes i know you shouldn't do this, but I worry a lot). So at about the 8-9 week mark after sex i got myself tested for HIV and syphillis. Both came back negative at the time. Yet again, my anxiety went away and I felt good.

However, recently I have started to freak out again. I have had pretty stuffy sinuses the past few weeks and yesterday I got a headache that feels different from the ones i normally get. Also I feel like I found swollen lymph nodes in my groin area. They are in the spot they appear to be in every picture. I couldn't see them swollen, but I was feeling around down there and started to feel something bumpy on both sides. Now I don't know if this is how they normally feel, but because I don't it is really causing me some distress. If any one could shed some light on this it would be great.

Either way, I have read all the information about the chances of getting it. I talked to the girl and she said she was tested, and I have asked her friend who said she hasn't noticed anything different that might indicate shes hiding something. But I just don't trust her, not when it comes to something like this.

The shitty part in all this is this was basically the first time I have ever had sex, and now its like I just can't live it down. The worst part is that its hard for me to even talk to girls now or attempt to get close to them because the only thing worse than having HIV or Herpes would be passing it on to somebody else. I just couldn't live with myself if I did something like that.

I am going to get tested again, seeing as 4 months is outside of the "window period". However, any information in the mean time, especially the lymph node issue, would be great. I am sorry this was so long, I am just extremely nervous again and its really affectng my life right now.


I can relate to your drunken experience because that happened to me, i went to a party and brought a girl back home with me. Than the next mourning i was good, actually for the last couple months I didnt notice that some bumps were growing on my penis shaft. Like you I was reading anything about STDs, but i have no symptoms and i want to kno if i have an STD, should I just go and get tested?.