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Hey guys,

I’m typing this out because I’m freaking out, and at this point I don’t know what else to do.

Let me start from the beginning.

I am a college freshman. About 5 weeks ago (1/5/07) I had protected sex with a girl in Montreal. It was my first time. Everything was fine until I got home about 6 hours later. I realized that my pubic area had a little red rash on it or something. Also, I noticed that there was dried blood on two fingers that had been inside her vagina. This scared me because I had performed oral sex and sort of remembered having a cut in my mouth earlier in the day.

When I got home to the States, I immediately went to a clinic and was told by a doctor that what I had most likely was folliculitis. And that I shouldn’t worry about anything else.

At this point I started reading symptoms of various STIs on the internet. I now believe this to be a bad choice. I started to get a tingling in my scrotum only when sitting down and feel slight itchiness around my groin. I also started to become so concerned with the problem that I was going to sleep at odd hours and constantly feeling like I was going to throw up. The last thing is what worried me about HIV.

I again went to the doctor (this is about a week after the sex) and was told that it was probably anxiety and it was pretty early to be showing any HIV symptoms.

So I accepted that for a while and came back to New York where I attend school. I continued to freak out so I went to see a urologist. At this point I was more concerned with Herpes and again I was told that nothing was wrong.

Then I started getting a warm sensation in my right foot at times. It wasn’t like it was falling asleep, it was more like it was peeing itself. Like a real warmth. This worried me after reading about “tingling in the extremities” that can accompany HIV.

Then, the pinky finger and ring finger on my left hand started to tingle. Soon, the same fingers on my right hand followed suit. It also happened a little bit in my left wrist. And this has been going on for like 2 weeks now. They don’t tingle all the time, but I feel like they always feel a little weird. Same for the foot.

The problem is, I don’t know if these things are actually happening or if I’m just harping on them since I read they were symptoms.

I also started to get slight testicle pain after ejaculation. Keep in mind I’m still getting a tingle in my scrotum only when sitting down.

Either way, I decided to go to the health center and get checked again. I was once again looked at and told that nothing was wrong (they did however give me treatment for epididymitis just incase). They checked urine and felt around downstairs. The lady said that I probably didn’t have HIV only because my problems would be accompanied by flu like symptoms.

Well, what do you think happened two days later? I got sick. It started with a cough and then I had a fever for a day…all in all it lasted like 4 days. I mean, to be fair, it has been like -5 degrees here every day so I guess getting sick isn’t that far fetched. I’m just really really scared.
I’ve contacted the girl and she said she got an STD test before the start of this semester (after we had sex) and she was fine. But for 1. I don’t know if they tested for HIV and 2. If she’d just recently contracted it it wouldn’t show up.

She was a college going girl (also a freshman) from New England, she didn’t seem like the type to be having lots of random unprotected sex. Not place stereotypes or anything like that…it’s just that I don’t feel like you hear about HIV outbreaks around college campuses that much.

I just can’t wait another month or two to get tested.

To recap:

-tingle in scrotum only when sitting or laying down (which is odd because I figure if it was serious it’d happen when standing too)

-occasional weird feelings pinky and ring fingers on both hands as well as in right foot

-just recently got sick

-is it possible I’m just freaking out because this was my first time?

It has been just over 5 weeks since the sexual contact.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I'm not a doctor and can't give you answers for everything you have asked but it really seems like you are freaking out way to much over this, you need to relax and not read about symptoms of illnesses !!

I'm sure an STD test would show up HIV since it is one of the most dangerous STD's.

You really seem like you just need to relax and maybe next time you have sex, make sure you are comfortable with the person so you don't have all this next time you do it!

Sex is supposed to be fun, not bring all this worry!