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Okay so here is my story..

My boyfriend and i have been together for 6 months, and he made a stupid decision before we were dating to have sex with a nasty girl. She does heroin(so needles involved) Then after they broke up we found out she mightve been screwing around with his friend.. this friend has been with an HIV positive girl and had sex with her unprotected multiple times.  

Just recently Ive had chlmydia from her given to him, and ghonnerea. But the Ghonnerea didnt show up in his test. Its all so confusing. Btw, me and him have unprotected sex.

But dont you think it is very unlikely for HIV to pass from the first girl, to the guy, and then again from another girl to my boyfriend? 

Im worried sick, and i dont want to get tested because i already feel nasty. Ive only has sex with two guys in my life, and this is what happens..

Please give me some answers?


please get tested you can die i have HIV please get tested it will be safe if you do you will die please get tested