Soooo my feelings about the surgery are mixed! I'm a 25 year old female, no Kids! I eat really bad and strained alot using the rest room so I developed pretty mad hemmroids! After my surgery I was told I had more damage down there than was expected. The doctor said she stapled numerous enternal roids and removed the external one .....oh let me not forget to say this the dr told me that when they staple the hemmroids inside, the post op would be less painful but the external one would be the one to cause alot of pain! So now in on day 6 post of!!! I have been through hell and back, I've been to the er twice due to dehydration a nausea from all the pain meds. If I had a choice to do this again i wouldn't. But I'm glad I didn't read this post before because I'm headed towards recovery! 6 days out of surgery I diarrhea 4 times a day And the pain has gone away drastically, I can now walk and get around Better, but I'm still having to take baths after each hm due to pain!!! Drinks lot of fluid and alot of stool softners!!! You cAn get through it. I'm here to answer Any questions If u need help! Good luck