Just wanted to share my experience its only day 4 after my surgery but ive read so many horror stories that i wanted to share my 1st 4 days. The pain isnt really all that bad, it does suck but i had worse pain with the hemroid then i do now. I dont know if it gets any worse as days pass but as of now maybe i just had a great surgeon or something cause it bothers but pain in managable.. Bm are painful and though im not suppose to strain, i do cause seems only way it comes out, when it does it feels like stiches are ripping, i havnt had hard poop yet so im sure thatll probably suck alot more. On day 3 i was having horrible stomach cramps ( worst pain ever, made hemroid surgery pain non exsistent) i went to the er (something i never do) abd found out it was coloitis which is an colon infection, i have no idea if its surgery related im sorry i forgot to ask the doctor but im just sharing that oart just in case, and if u have any pain that is unbearable like my stomach pain dont assume it comes with surgery because i almost didnt go to the er i thought it was just poop that needed to come out. It was after 10 hours of unesscary pain that i couldnt bear it no more and went to er.. I was giving antibiotics and after about 6 hours they started working. I now have diary which sucks since its still painful to have bm after surgery. Well like i said its only day four and it is wasnt for colon infection i would say at least for me the pain was not ad bad as it sounds, maybe i just got lucky ir had the worlds greatest surgeon. I had doubts of surgery and pushed it if off but on day 4 im happy i got the surgery and if you suffer so should you