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I get a small quantity of diazepam from my doc, which i try to be very careful with. I don't take it every day, and I never have more than one in any day. Still, I want to find a substitute which will be as effective, but safer.
Should I try Kavakava or is it too risky ? I have read some bad reports ?



I recently began taking Kava Kava under the supervision of my doctor. I later started reading about the liver damage it can cause, and about the countries that have outlawed the herb.

After digging a little deeper, I discovered that a study conducted by University of Hawaii found that it is the stems and leaves are damaging to the liver because they contain pipermethystine. However the rhizomes and roots not dangerous. It is the roots, in fact, that people have been using for centuries.

I would recommend checking out Kava Kava because it creates a calm within your body without drowsiness or fatigue. Just be sure you buy a high-quality herb that doesn't contain any leaves or stems.