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Kidneys are vital organs in our body that are responsible for eliminating all the toxins from our body. To ensure their optimum performance, you need to detoxify them. Read on to find out about the foods and herbs that help in detoxifying kidneys.

Importance of Detoxifying your Kidneys

Detoxifying the kidneys refers to the process of removing all the foods or components from the body that might hinder the proper functioning of the kidneys. The importance of detoxifying your kidneys cannot be understated.

We tend to abuse of body by giving in to temptations and indulging in unhealthy diets in our day-to-day lives. We tend to eat junk food and drinks that subject our kidneys to a lot of stress. Kidneys are tiny yet one of the most important and powerful organs of our body. Kidneys are responsible for regulating electrolytes in our body, maintaining a healthy acid-base balance, and are also responsible for regulation of blood pressure. They are also responsible for detoxifying our body and eliminating wastes.

Since kidneys are responsible for detoxifying our bodies on a regular basis, they are subjected to a lot of toxins. Kidneys filter almost 48 gallons of blood on a daily basis.

They are also responsible for eliminating the highly toxic ammonia and uric acid for our body. Kidneys tend to become overloaded if not attended to properly and therefore it is vital to detoxify your kidneys on a regular basis to ensure their optimum function. Regular contact with harmful toxic substances may lead to their accumulation in the kidneys.

If you are thinking of detoxifying your body, you must start by focusing your energy on your kidneys. This is because kidneys are the last stop in your body where filtration and detoxification occurs. Therefore, if your kidneys are not functioning properly, all your detoxifying efforts will go waste.

Kidney Detox Herbs

To detox your kidneys, you can periodically choose to consume certain foods and herbs that have natural detoxifying properties. Some of these detox herbs that are good for kidneys are listed below:

  • Uva ursi leaves: Uva ursi leaves are very effective in cleansing and detoxifying the kidneys. The uva ursi leaves contain chemicals such as arbutin, volatile acids, mallic and gallic acids, and quercetin. The arbutin present in uva ursi leaves has powerful anti-bacterial properties and is quite effective in killing the bacteria and fungus infecting the kidneys. The quercetin present in the uva ursi leaves helps in protecting the trillions of capillaries comprising the filtering system of the kidneys.
  • Horsetail herb: The horsetail herb has been known for centuries for its medicinal properties. It is very useful in treating kidney disorders and urinary tract infection. The horsetail herb acts as an astringent for the urinary system. The horsetail herb, which is rich in silicon, is helpful in healing wounds and reducing inflammation. It also stimulates the flow of urine and thereby helps in flushing out the infectious bacteria from our body.
  • Corn silk: Corn silk, also known as maize silk, is a soothing diuretic. Corn silk has been found to be very useful in soothing urinary system irritation caused by bacterial infection. Corn silk contains a complex polysaccharide which activates the white blood cells to engulf and dissolve the infectious microorganisms. The volatile oils present in corn silk help in neutralizing the fungi and yeast.
  • Gravel root: Gravel root is useful in the treatment of kidney stones and urinary infections. It is also useful for treating infections of bladder, prostate, and urethra.
  • Goldenrod: Goldenrod is used as a urinary antiseptic with its anti-inflammatory properties. It is been known to be successful in the treatment of urethritis and cystitis. Goldenrod is also useful in flushing out impurities from the kidneys, urinary tract, and the bladder. Goldenrod is quite effective in clearing up kidney stones and gravel from the bladder.
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