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I have 18 years old sister, and I am 30. She had some problems so she visited gynecologist who told her she has polycystic ovarian syndrome. I wonder is that normally that she got it so young? What cause these cysts and does it means something is wrong with her ovulations? What’s cause that her ovaries became bigger?


Polycystic ovarian syndrome is also known as Stein-Leventhal syndrome. That is a common problem that affects young women, almost 30%. Female population of childbearing age will be affected only 3%. PCOS is also known as hyperandrogenic chronic anovulation, which can manifest itself in many different ways. Usually it is characterized by irregular ovulation and menses, obesity, insulin resistance, acne, and excessive hair growth. It is normally that polycystic ovarian are large with multiple cysts round their outer edge and dense core. It is not clear exactly what causes PCO but there are a number of different presentations of disrupted normal hormone cycle. There are several causes why this might occur. First is increased LH production by the pituitary gland which raises testosterone like hormones for interfering with proper ovulation. Other cause is increased insulin resistance, which makes it more difficult for cells to take up sugar. This is leading to hyperinsulinemia which leads next to the fall in sex hormone binding globulin. Exactly causes of these remains unclear.