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My daughter has had many years of urine infections,now her doctor said that the medication that she had been given for rhuematoid arthrits has damaged her kidney and that they need to remove one of them.
could you please give me some details about what this entails? :) :) :)
She was dianosed with juevenille rhuematoid arthritis at the age of 4yrs old and had been taking soluble asprin for years ,the hospital decided to change her meds about 4 yrs ago-she is now 22yrs old.
Enlighten me if you can.Quote:


Removal of the entire kidney is called a "simple nephrectomy."

It can be done laparoscopically or "open." Laparaoscopic usually heals faster, smaller incision.

For open surgery, an incision up to about 12" is made, usually on the side. The kidney will be removed through this incision.

For laparoscopic surgery several incisions are made, maybe 1" long. The surgeon will separate the kidney working through these incisions. To remove the kidney it is put in a bag, one of the incisions is made to about 4", the kidney is then pulled through the larger incision.

The patient is usually hospitalized for 2-5 days, maybe longer. A catheter is usually used for a few days. The patient is on meds for pain and infection. Usually there is a restricted diet for a few days.

There are concerns with blood clots in this procedure. Special precautions are taken.

Do you have any more questions? I wish your daughter the best for a speedy recovery.