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I have a stone case in left kidney about 13mm what is the simplest method to remove this without operation


There are several reported methods for removing kidney stones, some of which are dubious and probably painful. I would think proven medical methods might be better. Anyway, here are some of the non-medical techniques I found.

 - Sipping on a potion made from a variety of herb roots, plus parsley, every day for 6 weeks.

- Dissolve kidney stones with citrus fruits like lemons, oranges. Pomegranates are also reported to help dissolve them.

- Numerous other “Kidney Flush” techniques involving natural fruits and vegetables and liquids.


Here are the non-surgical medical methods to remove kidney stones.

- Shock Wave Lithotripsy: A dish focuses a sound wave onto the stone and breaks it into small pieces. It is truly noninvasive. Not all stones, however, will respond well to shock wave treatment. The size, location and composition of the stone will all determine whether shock wave lithotripsy will be an appropriate treatment.

- Ureteroscopic Stone Removal (Laser): A long narrow scope is passed through the bladder and up to the kidney. Stones along this route are fragmented with a laser or removed with a small "stone basket".

- Percutaneous Stone Removal: this is a quasi-surgical method. For very large or hard stones which are located in the kidney, a percutaneous (through-the-skin) approach may be required. This technique was originally developed in Minnesota. It entails making a small incision and placing a scope directly into the kidney. The stone can then easily be seen and broken using ultrasound.


Hope this helps!