My husband had his left kidney removed 2 wks ago for RCC. He got thru it beautifully and it
was 15 centimeters! And it was done laparoscopically! For the past 4 days he has had pain at night on the OUTSIDE of his left thigh, disturbing his sleep. My daughter, a nurse, says it could be a bloodclot. But I
have also read that they put a tight strap around the thigh during surgery?? This pain did
not even start until a week after nephrectomy. Does anyone know what is happening? My theory
is he had been getting out of his Corvette onto his left leg. He hurt the same leg in the past
by jumping onto his left leg off of his golf cart. But he doesn't buy it.
Besides this problem, he did great. Home in 3 days, driving in 4 days; he does get tired
easily. He is 69 . Thank you.