I am facing L5 to S1 bACK FUSION....I have heard so many stories of how after surgery most people have worse pain than ever.....i been off work for over year now and afraid if surgery done now it may have worse impact if the other vertebrae have adjusted to this injury now.....what is the long term affects of this ?  will i have to have surgery on disc above this later too?  and how long is the real recovery time.....some people it takes a year or more.....it has scared me to death but i want to be as healthy as can be and work ...I have a 5 yr old that i want to provide all i can for and being off work is not the way.....I have a level 2 spondylosis which i have pain when i do certain things to aggravate it.....hadnt been on pain meds yet.....still do most of everyday things....mow yard....house work...walk ....play with daughter but havent been throwed back into the 8 hr a day work week to know just how much i can take.....just want to make the right decision