I was looking for other people who have had my similar surgery .. I am a 33 year old male and I had the instrumented Fusion one year ago I had severe sciatica pain in my leg shooting up my back I went in for surgery after doing shots and physical therapy on the nerve and no relief of pain I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve caused by a herniated disc and on top of that spondyothenseses spelling''? They say that was always there .. I am all ready to be better now and get back to work but I still have pain shooting pain when I move around doing normal things like shoveling snow or cleaning my yard soreness and tightness my wife seems to think it could be the hardware .. My surgeon has agreed to remove the hardware but he also recommends I get another surgury this time he will enter through the front (stomach) and insert a wedge ak as cage to support the fusion that has healed 80 percent he believes pain and pressure is coming from no support and no cusion for the vertebrate s that are already off from the stenoseis I was wondering if anyone out there had a similar situation and what there outcome was and if the hardware has ever caused pain and if they ever had pain after a second surgery any opinion or information would be helpful .. Thank you