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I noticed about a week ago that I was tender (like a bruised feeling) on my right-sided labia majora and then the next morning noticed a cyst-like lump inside the labia majora on that side. This is not able to be seen from the outside at all. The next day I noticed one on my left side. Same MO. Then, then next day another one on my left side. It is time for me to start my period any day. These are not really painful per say, but I can feel them. The first one that came up seemed to be getting smaller until I messed with it again 2 nights ago and now it is right back to the size it was before. Like I said, there is no evidence of these from the outside unless you pull the labia tight and then you can see the "lump" but that is it. No bumps, no sores. I have googled everything from STDs to Bartholin cysts and am at a loss. Nothing fits in with my symptoms. I am sick over this!! I also have noticed a little itching, but this could totally be in my head from all that I been reading (I have a tendency to have symptoms once read). Please - any advice other than going to a GYN would be appreciated!!! I am scheduling an appointment this AM, but wanted to give you guys a shot first!! Thanks!


Did you find out what it was?