Hey everyone...3 days ago I was surprised to find a very swollen tender lump along the edge where my labia majora begins to fold into labia minora. This is under the pubic hair region. It is located farther up so don't believe it's bartholin gland related, but not sure at all. I have history of fibroid & sebasteous cysts forming along upper inner thigh/bikini line, however last removal was 15 yrs ago. 

This is painful & tender. No "head" that I can see or feel. It is oblong, wavy & very hard. Apprx size of an oblong 50 cent piece. 

I shaved the area about 6 days prior to this lump appearing. And it came out of seemingly nowhere. Search provides many suggestions ranging from mino issues to life threatening. It has been about 2 yrs since my last gyno visit. I just turned 40 by the way. Any of this sound familiar?