So.. A couple years ago (maybe 2 years ago) I got curious and decided to shave down there. While doing so I accidently cut my labia majora, right in the middle. (I'm sorry if I'm bad at describing this) Ofcourse I did treat the cut by putting a cream over it, which did heal the cut. Sometime around last year or this year (can't remember exactly) I got a rash. Which itched really badly, eventually I ended up scratching it. When I did that the cut re-opened. I eventually put rash cream on and it made the rash go away, and the cut started to slowly heal. I don't know what happened but when I was in a certain position while on the toilet (I was trying to get something) it made the cut re-open AGAIN. I didn't touch it or anything, but everytime the cut would re open I noticed it would make my labia majora itch. I left it alone but I noticed that if I ran my finger nail on my labia where it would itch (but I was not itching it.. just kind of going over it I suppose you could say) some of my dead skin cells come off. Kind of like when you scratch your skin in the shower and the dead skin cells rub off, like that happens to me but on my labia. If I keep scratching it off, it'll irritate my skin and the cut as well. Around the cut there is a little dead skin cell barrier, I want to get rid of it but i bleed if i touch the cut. Not alot just like a tiny spots of blood. I was wondering if anybody knew how I can get this cut to heal because I know for a fact it's the cut that somehow gets my labia to feel irritated (when the cut was healed my labia did not itch or anything that's how I know the cut caused it). I tried neosporing but it didn't work. Please don't say it's an STD or something of that matter because I am a virgin so I'm not sexually active. Also if I don't touch anything down there it wont itch or hurt, but as soon as friction goes near it like when I wipe after peeing. It'll make me want to itch it even if it doesn't itch as much or doesn't itch at all.