I currently have a very good job for a 20 year old, and everyone is so proud of me, because I had a tough time at school. My work place (which will not be named!) is going through a management restructure, which could (more likely than not) result in me loosing my job!

I am a high up administrator for a Heath Care Environment, and I adore my job and everyone I work with.

In the same job role as me there is 6 of us, this may help you understand why I feel the way I do...

I started working for this organisation as an apprentice, and when my apprenticeship was finished I have been shipped to different departments. One of which was a bank contract in the head quarters. Whilst I was at work management asked me if I would like to work at a station closer to home which would offer me "a better future" they told me when the job got advertised in the restructure I would be a loud to apply for it, and probably get it.

Since then, things have changed. It has become apparent that they are cutting down on the amount of admins they have, and because I am last in, I will probably be first out!

Everyone else in my job role got invited up to HQ for supportive meetings, everyone.......but me :(

I took this quite harshly and queered the reasoning with management, to which they told me it was because I was "bank" although because I am bank I should only be working when I am available, they make me work 5 days a week, with no annual leave, I get paid 2 pay bands down to everyone else, and up untill now, I have never complained because I am over the moon with the job they have given me, although now they are singling me out I feel so used!

I don't really know what to do, its really getting me down. I cant sleep because I find myself having nightmares, I dont have sex with my partner (sorry for this information) because I am constantly so stressed! I have driven to my doctors to go and talk to them but I feel like a total fool so just drove back home! I really need help, and I would love someone to reasure me that these feelings are normal.

Thanks for your help in advance


Aged 20