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My husband thinks he is sick all the time. If someone else gets sick, he has it. He takes off work at least once a month because of this. 2 times he has made me beleive there was somthing seriously wrong with him. He has had every test you can think of, and nothing ever shows up.The last eposide he told everyone he was in the early stages of MS. This was not true. The time before that, he told people he had a stroke. This was not true either. He has been from doctor to doctor. I dont know how to deal with this anymore!!!


Hi there! This situation must be exhausting for you. How do you feel about all of this? Has your husband been like this for a long time or have these episodes just started?

From what you said, he may be suffering from hypochondriasis if there is such word, I am not even sure if this disorder is recognized but I read about it that there are some psychologist who are trying to study this disorder.
I was looking for some info on my friend’s problem which was a pathological liar, and then I ran into this problem and learned some interesting things.
Did you know that about three and six per cent of patients who seek help from primary-care physicians suffer from hypochondria, this irrational fear of illness. The biggest problem is that most physicians dismiss them as they don’t know how to cope with such people as they are very hard to be reassured that there is nothing wrong with them.
This is why they should be referred to psychiatrists. And then again, the question is whether they will be able to help them. They obsess about illness and bodily sensations and feel compelled to consult physician after physician. Hypochondriacs are often treated with antianxiety drugs to help the patient deal with their fears but some may benefit more from so-called cognitive behavioral therapy, where they basically learn to restructure their behavior.

Here are some tips for you: It is said that dismissing a person with such problem won’t benefit them much. It also won’t help much if you just tell them “Buck up” or “Oh, you’re O.K. Don’t worry”. They’ll go on to find someone else or just come right back at you. This is why they need someone to explain to them why it is that what they’re feeling does not indicate a fatal disease and then help them restructure their behavior.

This sounds like a long procedure, and it probably is but you have to try to find help for your husband.

Anyway, if you feel like talking to someone, or just sharing your feelings, feel free to do so. On this site they have an option to watch for a topic, and they will let me know each time you write back.

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Jane 23


i can actually feel for your husband. although when i am sick..i really am sick! haha..and i dont make up illnesses! haha...but i too am sick just about every month...for about a year or is very much so getting old. from ear infections, tonsilitis, sinus infections, bronchitis...the works...i may get my tonsils out soon...but being sick is NOT fun...i'm guessing your hubby just wants attention...i hope he gets all ways...and that things get easier for you...


I have the same problem w/ my husband! He will be on his death bed 1 min and fine next, a marical.
If I'm not feeling good, with -in the hour neither is he.
He always needs reasureing, and I'm exhausted.
Why dose he need so much attention?