First, I haven't been to the doctor because I don't want to overreact...Just wondering if anyone else knows what is going on...


I've been on the birth control pill for like, 11 months. My periods are almost always normal. My current period started like two days early, but hasn't been any different from any other's still going full on on day 7, which is strange cause it's usually very light or stopped on day 7. This morning I emptied my Diva Cup and when I got up to flush the toilet I noticed there was a chunk of like flesh colored/greyish tissue. As gross as it is, I picked it up and it wasn't hard, but it wasn't squishy enough to smush between my fingers. There was no real form to it, but I'm wondering if maybe it was like an extremely early miscarriage? 

I take my pills regularly, but did start it a day late this month or last month. I can't say I had any real pregnancy symptoms because I'm ALWAYS tired and quite regularly get nauseated randomly throughout the day. 


Anyone have any idea what the hell that was??