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Last night me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex. I didn't cum in her I did cum a day befor but I was jacking of but iv been peeing and took shower to clean my penis. Also I got head from her befor having a little 30 second in and out moment and then I puled out. She went to go pee and clean so what are my chances of her being pregnant please help


Hi there


Her chances are very slim if you didn't ejaculate inside of her. I cant say for sure as there are to many factors to consider. But to put your mind at ease, pre-cum doesnt contain sperm unless you ejaculated a few hours before hand and even then the amount is very small.

If she is late or misses her next period i would suggest going to get a pregnancy test that you can get from a local store or see a local doctor which can also help if the test was to be positive.

on average there is only a 25% - 30% chance that a fertile woman will conceive when she is ovulating and when a man ejaculates inside of her. Therefore you can see that your chances a very slim.

i hope all goes well, best wishes :)