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I had unprotected sex with a girl and the next day my lower abdominal started to hurt on my left side along with my lower back and upper left leg. My left testicle started to hurt and everyone once and awhile the right one will hurt as well. The testicle sack feels really hot mostly on my left side or both side. I went to the doctor the next day and got tested for STD's. The doctor told me it might have been to soon to get a good test read out. so I went back a week later and got the test done once again. Still the test might have been to soon, all tests come out negative. I was really concerned because the girl I had slept with someone said there was a rumor going around that this girl dated someone with genital herpes. They claimed it to be false and was just a rumor.This girl dated him awhile back about 7 months ago and her other boyfriend about 2 months ago. She hasn't had any symptoms of std's no nothing to blisters no flu no nothing. Her last boy friend hasn't had any symptoms as well. Since my tests were too soon to determine any STD's i think it will show in her blood since its been awhile since she has slept with her previous boyfriends ? my doctor put me on antibiotics doxycycline and told me to take them all, the bottle is almost gone. It still feels hot and painful in the left testicle.I believe once I see her results ill feel more secure because her blood results are the key.No insurance total cost medical bill $1067.00  Here are my symptoms by date

4-24-11: slept with girl

4-25-11: doctor visit #1
- doesn't hurt while walking
- itching on testicles and upper left and right leg
- urinating a lot no burning
- low abs pain, left testicle and right pain, testicle sack burning
- lower back pain, upper left leg pain
- genital fatigue
- pain where testicles and penis shaft meet
- hot flashed semi fever
- loss of appetite
- nauseous
- no pain while sleeping
- no blisters
- shock and stress due to news and waiting for test results
* test results come back 4-30-11 All STD's are negative

4-30-11: doctor visit #2
* I take more STD blood tests then doctor puts me on anti bi's (doxycycline) 
- urinating a lot less
- testicles still hurt and testicle sack burning less
- bad sensation after urinating not fully empty then pee will come out in spurts
- urinating not like a hose, like if you were to put a finger between the water and makes a V shape or like a sprinkler
- lower left back and upper left leg still hurts
- loss of appetite
- nauseous
- stress
- no pain while sleeping
- doesn't hurt while walking
- no blisters

- Following the second day of taking the anti bi's i get really sick, runny nose, fever, sore throat, swollen nodes under my chin, congestion of the nose and ears, no chills.
- no blisters
- no pain while sleeping
- darkish urine
- runny stools

5-5-11: STD's tests come back negative 

- pain while urinating felt really tight, bladder felt really right as well
- tiny shocks after urinating 
- tip of penis a little itchy 
- master bated extremely painful dark semen
- runny stools

- itching near where penis meets testicles, itching near upper legs no sign of blisters or bumps. 
- I shave my testicles and took out the ingrown hairs
- anti bi's have little if no affect 
- no burning while urinating
- no pain while urinating
- after urinating feeling little shocks from lower mid or top of urine tract
- testicle sack still hot
- testicle hurts left more then right
- semi pain in the urine tract
- runny stools

- itching near penis meet testicles
- itching above pelvis and near upper legs
- took out ingrown hairs started to bleed
- no pain while urinating, after shocks from the bottom mid and tip of urine tract
- master bated no pain
- runny stools

5-12-11: one more day till anti bi's are completely gone.
- had a wet dream, while in the dream i had an erection while erected it felt pain like hair prickles on tip of the penis I then woke up and no pain,      semi erect
- itching near penis meet testicles
- itching near the tip of penis and around the penis not on the tip
- itching upper left and right leg near pelvis
- testicle sack extremely hot for about 30 to 40 mins
- pumps from where the ingrown hairs were removed it bled a little after removing the hair .  
- no longer sick
- no pain while urinating
- after shocks from the urine tract 
- still no signs of blisters ( except where i removed the hairs, started to scab over )
- genital fatigue
- sharp pain in the pelvis area
- loss of appetite
- stressed 
- breaking out on my chest, not in clusters  
- the head of the penis looks dis colored, from not have an erection for along time?
- weight loss
- runny stools not water but not solid 
- no discharge
- no lower back pain
- urinating seem to back to normal almost. Some times urinating come out in a V shape or like a sprinkler.
- when i think of the thought of having herpes or any std i get shocks to my pelvis and i start to sweat a little bit
- no pain while asleep when i wake up still no pain, while i walk still no pain
- no tingling feeling just burning 
- when i think about the symptoms i feel the pain coming back and i start to panic

5-13-11 waiting for results on 5-15-11

I still think about genital herpes... i have read a bit on the symptoms and a lot of them relate to what I have some web sites say I would show symptoms in 2 to 7 days from skin to skin contact some sites say 3-7 days 1-2 months 1-2 years and so on and so forth. Its been about 18 days since i have been having these problems any info would help and thank you for reading my post god bless.


There's nothing in your description that makes me think genital herpes but it does sound like you have a testicular infection. You may need some different antibiotics but it sounds like your doctor is doing all the right things. Stick with it - I'm sure it will all settle down (and use a condom next time!)


thank you for the info.. and believe me i will thank you so much again god bless.


Hello- I know its been a year since your posting. i am having the same exact issue you were experiencing. did you find out what it was?


This is dead-on what I have. Did you find out?



That could be orchitis. Orchitis can cause these symptoms. You'd better go to see the doctor to make sure.. If it is, the herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can help you. It can get rid of this disease and doesn't have any side effects. .. I hope it can help you.