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Hello internet!  On Saturday night I was taken to A&E with a severe pain in my left kidney, testicle and leg. At the hospital the doctors asked me to take a urine test (not sure what for) and also examined my testicles but could find no tension or swelling in them. I was given pain killers and  asked to visit my GP Monday as all tests came back negative.  I seen my Doctor on Monday who did the same testicle examination and also got me to do two further urine tests. I have came to understand that the first urine test was for STDs ( which I haven't got back yet due to the bank holiday weekend) and the second was for infections presumably of the urinary tract, the kidney and so on which all came back negative.  Even without these test results back my doctor prescribed me a two week course of 100ml Doxycycline (antibiotics) so I presume she was convinced I had an infection in my testicle caused by an STD/STI or an infection of the kidney, bladder, urinary tract etc.  Now since the urine test came back negative for the non STI/STD infections that sort of narrows it down to what is actually wrong with me.  The antibiotics so far have not helped me (Day 6) and I am showing none of the symptoms of an STI/STD except the dull pain in my testicles. I have had unprotected sex with two women in the past 6 months and neither of them are showing any symptoms of Chlamydia or Gonorrhea and both who were tested 6 months ago for an STI/STD (which was negative)  My symptoms are  1. Pain in my left testicle that comes and goes and changes between dull and sharp.  2. The same pain in my waist and left kidney.  3. A burning sensation when I ejaculate in my testicles (which I usually associated with having many orgasms in a row)  I am not experiencing and have never experienced either a discharge from the end of my penis or any pain or discomfort when urinating or have any swelling on my testicles or penis.  I am obviously very worried I've caught an illness and would like to try and figure out what this could be.

I would also like to know if I have either Epididymitis, Orchitis or Mycoplasma Genitalium about the ways these infections can happen because I am almost 100% sure I did not catch this during sex.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.  KK  


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Hey there did anyone do an ultrasound on your testicles or an X-Ray or cat scan of your abdomen and kidneys to check for stones?  It could also be that you have an infection that doesn't respond to doxycycline.   It is common for stds to not have any symptoms so it is possible that you ave an std.  How old are you do you have unprotected sex and how many sex partners have you had in the past 6mo