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I'm a 31 years old male. Three months ago, I've had an accident that affected my genitals. The accident was due to a stupid mistake I've made: I've applied depilatory cream to my genitals, that shouldn't have been applied there. The most affected parts were my upper shaft and my left testicle (as I was scrubbing the cream away for a while from them).  

After shower, my genitals became so big (shaft and testis were swollen) to the point that it scared me. Testis hang lower than the penis. There was severe pain after shower that only lasted for a few seconds due to the chemical burn, but that's not what bothered me at the time. What bothered me was how big and swollen they've become.

They've however calmed down by the end of the day. Since that day, my testis became very loose (specifically the left testicle's scrotum skin or maybe the testicle itself moved or something).  When it is cold and they shrink, I can notice loose skin below my left testicle that's hanging low by itself. So I believe I have damaged my testicle's scrotum (left side).  

After two days, I went to a urologist and he thought it wasn't something serious and that it was only allergy. So he prescribed me some allergy cream and pills and asked me to check back after a week if problem still existed. What an id**t (excuse the language). It wasn't allergy, but I did as he said and the next week he asked me to do some urine and blood test, which concluded (according to him), that I had severe bacterial infection in the tissues of the shaft and left testicle.

So he prescribed me some strong antibiotic (Zinnat 500), which I took for a week and checked back to be told that the infection went away.

The swelling of the penis and testis went away. However, my left ball is still very loose and  my penis seems to have slightly shrunk in size. I don't care much about the penis right now as much as I care about the testis. The left one is loose now and hangs so low, plus both testis seem as if they were dried out... Like dry raisin. Void or space below penis due to the new dry shape of the testis.  

Went back to the doc and after physical examination he said they look normal (they don't.. maybe he thought I was born that way) and that I was worrying too much.  

My exact symptoms:  

- Loose left testicle with excess skin clearly accumulating below it when it shrinks during cold or such.  

- The affected scrotum skin is now more pinkish in color.

- Very uncomfortable to walk with... Balls sometimes hit areas very close to the anal cavity.  

- No pain at all, BUT left testicle feels very sensitive when touched or slightly cupped by hand. Also feels very sensitive sometimes when I'm lying down or such.  

- Slight feeling of "pulling" exists. Very slight though, but I can feel it.  

- Void/space below penis as testis are dried out now and it seems there is something missing in that space.

 - Another important symptom: when it feels sensitive, many times my left FOOT gets numbed. I am sure there is a connection between the left testicle and the left Foot. Might suggest some nerve issue or something.

I went to another urologist and after physical examination, he said I look ok and that I was overthinking stuff. They all go into details about how the testis sometimes shrink and sometimes loosen to maintain the right temperature... as if we don't already know that! That's not the problem.

The problem is it is very loose and when walking or moving (even sitting), it touches body areas that shouldn't be touched. The loose skin below the left testicle is apparent when it shrinks due to cold. Plus, the very sensitive sensation that developed, the slight "pulling" feeling and the numb feeling it sends to my left Foot.  

I'm thinking of going to another urologist but request an ultrasound this time. I want to make sure the testis is still healthy and receives blood. It could be dead already or maybe some vein is blocked... etc. After that, if it is still healthy, I will try to convince docs that it wasn't that loose and that I want to pull it back up. If another one told me I am imagining things, I'd punch them in the face! Really. They wasted my time. I'm suffering from this for the past 3 months.

Any clues or suggestions of possible conditions that cause the same symptoms, is greatly appreciated. Perhaps I should see a neurologist, nor urologist? Really have no clue.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I am not an expert on a man's testicles but my husband's left testicle hangs down a good inch lower than his right testicle. His sack is lose and I guess hangs down about 7 inches from his crotch. During intercourse his sack and testicles flail and sway back and forth to the point they cause him discomfort. The doctor checked his testicles said he is fine. Suggested he wear a suspensory which is a pouch that holds his sack and testicles up close to his body. There is an opening for his penis and during intercourse with me this stops his sack and balls from slapping and bouncing against my bottom. He ejaculates fine maintains a good solid erection and his testicles don't cause him any discomfort from slapping against me. Possibly you need support on your sack and testicles to hold them up and away from your legs.....just a thought.Good luck.


any updates on this ?