Okay so I went to the doctor's about a week ago with pain in my left testicle, and my groin area.  A week before that I fell in a hole and pulled a muscle in the upper part of my left thigh on the inside.  My doctor said that that was the reason I'm having testicle pains and that eventually the pain will stop but it may take a while.  The pain feels as if someone kicked me in the balls.  It can either come and go away, or last for a while.  Sometimes the pain isn't too bad, other times it was.  At times my testicles feel heavier.  When I wake up I have no problems, it hurts when I sit a certain way later during the day or at night before bed.  I have no discharge, no lumps in my testicles, and my doctor ruled out hernias and things like that.  I'm not too sure how to describe this next part, so bare with me.  At the bottom of my scrotum on my left testicle the is something that looks like a lump.  The lump is not attached and it will cause me to feel as if I got hit in the balls if I mess with it too much, such as moving it around.  I'm starting to thing it's just veins.  Again, my doctor said he found no abnormalities.  Maybe I'm just over worried about the whole situation, but who wouldn't be..it's my testicles.  If someone can help with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.