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Hello, I have a left bundle branch block. My heart has been thoroughly scanned and tested and i am told it is normal other than this Bundle of His anomaly. I feel it likely the condition is genetic in origin. What concerns me is the risk of sudden cardiac arrest from this condition. I am 40 years old and I exercise regularly, with no heart disease that I know of.

Occasionally I feel like my heart is out of rhythm, but not often and only for short periods.

Can anyone give me any detailed information on this? Should I go out and buy a defib machine or train my family in CPR?

What are my chances of dying suddenly from this? What are the odds of being revived if the right technology and training is readily available?




Talk to your doctor about having a pacemaker installed on your chest. If your doctor thinks it is unnecessary, your condition is probably too mild to be of great concern. It is always a good idea to have your entire family trained in CPR regardless of whether or not you have this condition. Buy a defibrillator if you can afford it. It will definitely give you a second line of protection.