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Hello, I had my first cardio stress echo test 5 years ago after a mild heart attack. The results were normal, or as expected after the first attack. All my yearly checkups after that didn’t show anything new happening, but I’m thankful my cardiologist kept me on the safe side with the regular checkups. I was pretty sure things were going OK until I got my latest stress test results. It says I have left bundle branch block and that was not detected or wasn’t present during any of the previous exams I had. My cardiologist says that this is not something I should be too worried since all they can do is to monitor it for changes, but what worries me that even my cardio didn’t really give me any straightforward answer as to what kind of problems might left bundle branch block cause me?


Hey! Firstly - try not to worry too much. I'm sure your Cardiologist explained to you that heart block is a condition where the electrical signals in the heart don't cross the tissue in the way that they should and that can cause dizziness and feeling faint when it's in a mild form as it can affect your heart rate.

Clearly if you haven't had any symptoms then the problem is hopefully mild, and it can be caused by various factors such as age and drugs that you are taking as well as other diseases. I'm sure your doc will have check that out. In a mild form heart block isn't treated but if you do start feeling dizzy etc you should go back. Make sure you follow any health regimines that your doc has given you and keep up with your appointments.