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Hello, I'm type 2 and I was just moved to lantus and novorapid. Help is needed now please! I need some advice on lantus and novorapid. I got a reading of 14.3 around 3:00pm (lunch at noon). I had a shot of novorapid at that time. I was okay in the morning with a shot of lantus with 7.3 reading, but I skipped breakfast. By 4:30 that afternoon my reading was 4.7. Needless to say I was worried about the 14.3 reading. Since I'm new to this, how do I handle a situation like this? Do I take novorapid to bring it down or lantus. Thoroughly confused, please help.



Hello, Oh gee, I don't know where to start. One needs to know has many units of lantus and novorapid your on. Does your doctor have you counting carbohydrates or are you taking a specific amount of novorapid? That's important. I would have to know how much medication you were using and also what foods you ate (how much). You need to known that lantus doesn't work on high blood sugar levels. It is said that it is peakless but that may vary from one individual to another. You have to figure that out as you use it. When you have high readings, you use novorapid to correct that.


Since you got a high reading after lunch and you were essentially normal at breakfast and at dinner time, what did you eat and how much novorapid did you take. Whatever you ate for lunch must have been high in sugar. There are certain foods and combination of foods that can make blood sugar levels go high. These foods can vary to some degree for each individual. Whatever you had for lunch, you might consider not eating that again and find something more appropriate. However, you did return to normal later on. It could be that the fast acting insulins don't work well in the one to two hour range. When you have an opportunity, talk with your diabetes manager to get a handle on this. No doubt you will get the hang of it as time goes by. Okay, there is a simple formula you can use when counting carbs:

NovoRapid works like this: for each 15 grams of carbs you take 1 unit of NovoRapid. So, if you took in 30 grams of carbs you would take 2 units.