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Hi, I've been on novorapid for over 5 years now. I think it's great for lowering my BG quickly and I also take lantus which gives me a low basal BG throughout the day. However, I have problems with novorapid when I exercise. When novorapid peaks and I'm exercising I end up taking in too much glucose. I end up with wild swings going low to high to low. This makes it difficult to handle the rest of the day. I think novorapid doesn't work well with low glycemic index foods. Can anyone help me get a handle on this. It would be greatly appreciated.



Hello, I'm on lantus and novorapid as well and I've been using them for over 3 years. They both work well for me. I'm very careful with my carbs so I weigh them and I'm very precise about that. This way I know exactly how much novorapid to use. Low glycemic index foods generally have more fiber in them and that means they take longer to be absorbed by the gut effectively lowering your sugar intake. Take in some high fiber foods and check and see if you BG doesn't come down. In terms of exercise, you need to know when it is best for you to exercise and be consistent each day. You'll need to take less novorapid when you exercise so try cutting back a bit a little at a time until you find the right dosage. So, if for example you take 1 unit for 15 carbs and you take in a total of 45 carbs, you will need to take 3 units for that meal. But, if you will be exercising, cut back by 1 unit. If you still go to low try cutting back by 2 units etc. Make sure you keep a record of everything you doincluding what and how much you eat. You might consider taking in some fruit juice 30 minutes before you exercise. This should provide some extra sugar you'll need. This should keep you from going hypo and craving every sugar thing in site. You should check your BG level before you exercise. If you are below 125 than you should have a snack before you exercise. Think about taking in 15 to 20 carbs the first time and see if that works. How much you actually need depends on how intense your exercise is and how long you do it.